Arundel Museum has won the Sussex Heritage Trust Award

Arundel Museum has won the Sussex Heritage Trust’s Public and Community Award for 2015. For our designs the citation reads… ‘The displays inside the museum are well-designed and informative, enabling the visitor to gain a real understanding of the town’s history.’ As creators of the scheme we are extremely pleased that the Trust felt the award should include a comment on the clarity of the interpretation and quality of design.

Arundel Museum
Internal Exhibition Design Arundel Museum


The award is also just recognition for a dedicated and friendly team that make up Arundel Museum Trust and their volunteers. This sentiment is echoed by the citation, which also states… ‘This significant project was delivered by a dedicated band of volunteers, whose work should be applauded.’ We would like to echo the sentiment. Arundel Museum was a fabulously fun project to work on, in no small part thanks to all those involved, but especially Pauline Carder, who has battled for more than a decade too see the new museum realised, and Rosemary Hagedorn with whom we developed the interpretation. Also thanks to Katie Elliot Vinney, the curator, who came to the project towards its end and worked tirelessly with her team to bring the artefacts back to display condition after spending so many years boxed up.

Special mention must go to Graham Whitehouse of GWP architects in Burgess Hill who conceived the building’s lovely design. Our thanks also go to Equinox Design Ltd of Leeds who built our scheme to a very high standard. They went the extra mile on a number of occasions and were exemplary on site during the installation.

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