Here are all our blog posts that contain information and news about school interiors and equipment design. These posts may be quick updates about our current educational design projects at Potter Associates, or more detailed explorations about design in education sector.

In the past, we have been lucky enough to work many wonderful schools including Riverside Junior School in Hebden Bridge, Lower Fields Primary School in Bradford, and St Michael’s Junior School in Norwich.

At Potter Associates we maintain that the physical, emotional, cognitive and intellectual growth of children should be reflected in the architecture that surrounds them. Our interior design uses specialist knowledge to maximise the effectiveness of decor, lighting, and acoustics. We will be exploring our educational research in future posts!

Wow! The paster cast gallery at the V&A

What’s a WOW?

As designers, we get asked regularly to produce the ‘WOW’ factor for an attraction or school. But what does this mean?

Designing child friendly spaces does not mean making a school a glorified playground, nor Disney-fying it

Why School Building Programmes Miss the Point

The procedural, box ticking exercise that underpins our school building programmes means that today, when we face so many issues in education, we are losing a huge opportunity to design spaces that really work for children.